RVA Education: Facebook Groups and Social Media Risk Training for Rare Disease Organisations

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Rare Voices Australia is pleased to present Quiip’s Facebook Groups and Social Media Risk Training for Rare Disease Organisations.

Social media can be a powerful tool for rare disease groups/organisations. It gives small, geographically dispersed rare disease communities cost-effective ways to connect, share stories and information, and access practical and social support.

This course is designed to assist rare disease organisations to build engaged and thriving social media groups, and effectively manage the risks to themselves and others.

This training has been customised specifically for RVA Partner organisations by Quiip, specialists in online community building and social media. The training recognises the sensitivity and complexity of the work rare disease groups/organisations do and provides targeted guidance to help leverage social media while managing potential risk for groups/organisations and individuals.

Quiip has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities of using social media. They have worked extensively with diverse not-for-profit groups, empowering them to make a meaningful impact through social media.

Note: this training is available to RVA Partners only. Learn more about becoming an RVA Partner. 

Course Contents

This course will cover:

  • Building a thriving Facebook group that achieves your group’s/organisation’s key goals.
  • Establishing group strategy, rules, roles and processes.
  • Understanding your community and member journey.
  • Engaging in active community management and moderation.
  • Identifying and managing legal, reputational and user risk in online communities.
  • Creating an effective moderation team.
  • Developing community guidelines, risk matrixes and other process documentation.
  • Managing misinformation and medical and health-related risk in online groups.